With the firm conviction that is not all invented, today we present ourselves as a new, dynamic and modern company. We are a young company, constituted by a team with a long history and a solid background in the municipal world.

All the towns and cities, have roundabouts, slopes, an access or a flower beds that we can improve, and get them to breathe IDENTITY, TRADITION and HISTORY. Our main desire is to have us participate in their municipality to customize the spaces and improve the urban environment.

In addition, we will complete our services with the commersialisation of different products of URBAN FURNITURE, PLAYGROUND, ROAD SAFETY, SIGNALING, CUSTOMIZATION OF PUBLIC SPACES, SPECIAL PAVEMENTS, PUBLIC LIGHTING and SPORTS EQUIPMENT.

To conclude this presentation, we want to give you our illusion. An illusion that we hope we can share if we have your trust.

Kind regards.




Jordi Crous Casas


Work with us

We are looking for installers and distributors for different areas of Spain. If you are interested you can contact us by email: info@crous.eu