Concrete flower pots

We have recently supplied and installed these beautiful flower pots


At CROUS EXPERT we work on ideas to transform them into reality. We take care of the whole process! A clear example is this recent installation of custom-made polished concrete planters, which has been fantastic! These elegantly designed and finished planters in pickled and water-repellent concrete, as well as beautiful ones are very resistant and in turn durable, because of the material from which they are manufactured.Two models have been supplied, one square and one rectangular that are spread over the streets of this town. Concrete is an excellent material when it comes to urban furniture. It provides easy installation and its service life is very long. In this way we get a wide variety of decorative alternatives thanks to its multiple possibilities in finishes.


The streets of this town now look full of flowers, neat and elegant. We work to offer well-kept streets, increasingly beautiful and more pleasant cities.


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