30 Sep 2020

Special pavements for playgrounds


At CROUS EXPERT, we like to liven up streets and playgrounds, and more, if in this way we encourage activity and ensure a safe game in an urban environment.
We are specialists in the field of EPDM paving and we have the solution you are looking for.

We make floors to order and we have a wide range of colors to choose from. We make all kinds of combinations, always offering the result that best suits our client's needs and the characteristics of each space.
These are just a few examples of recent special sidewalk installations, with interesting shapes and cheerful colors that give great uniqueness.
We also make tree covers of the same material (EPDM), adapting to the area covered, offering an even floor height, avoiding tripping, possible falls and resulting damage.


Our priority is the safety of people, which is why we are working on adapting the city to the people living in it