The funniest climbing walls!

Essentials in your playpens


At Crous Expert we present the new members of our range of realistic climbing walls climbers that are already installed in the Cámping Playa Joyel, a fantastic holiday resort located at the foot of Playa del Ris (Cantabria, Spain). These are the GORILA CONGO, a spectacular silver-backed gorilla of enormous size and the RANA GUSTAV, a fun big-eyed frog that looks like real. The self-supporting structure of these realistic elements is made from polyester reinforced with a layer of fiberglass. We also have climbing dams that offer a plus of security, with an anti-rotating system.


With these elements, we complement our range of climbing game options offering the most original and safe elements. We have several models, including the friendly TEDDY BEAR, to offer you a variety of options and adapt to you. These climbing walls, made for your outdoor installation, provide children a stand-alone game and will become their favorite photocall.