At Crous Expert we care about the environment. That is why, more and more, we are committed to sustainable and recyclable processes and materials.

As a company dedicated to making people’s lives easier and improving their environment, we cannot leave behind precisely the world around us. The environmental footprint that each and every one of us leaves is very important and for that reason, in Crous Expert we work every day to try to reduce it to the maximum. We increasingly cooperate with local suppliers, use recycled and recyclable materials, provide new ranges of products for recycling and do not stop looking for increasingly sustainable alternatives to apply in production processes.


Aware of the need to take care of the planet

The current pace of life makes time pass faster and faster and without realizing it, our planet suffers from all the actions we do, without thinking about the consequences that this will entail in the future. It is necessary, in all areas, to change habits, care and review processes in order to help improve the health of Earth. Let’s build together a better world. Building sustainable cities and eco-responsible people.


ECO range

We have a range of products called ECO. The reason for calling them that is because all of them are built from materials that come from nature, being 100% recycled and recyclable, with the intention that once their useful life has ended, they can be completely reconverted. These products are distributed in our ranges: playgrounds, urban furniture and road safety. If you are interested in equipping your city or street with ECO products, discover below our highlights:



Our most sustainable range, for eco-responsible cities

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