At Crous Experts we are obsessed with harmony. The balance offered by nature inspires us and we reflect and reflect it in our products


In his day the great architect Antoni Gaudí presented himself to us as a revelation. From the observation of nature, Gaudí was able to project the most beautiful forms, to apply in art an aesthetic until then of the whole unexplored, of absolute innovation. But it wasn’t just aesthetic, it was also in arithmetic. The catenary arch that shaped Gaudí’s extraordinary pillars was a revolution in the design and functionality of living spaces in both buildings and urbans; squares, gardens, parks and developments.

Gaudí is also an identity icon; Multifaceted, cosmopolitan, militant of humanism in its entire expression, without borders, without cultural bias and with a strong rebellious and innovative character.

Aware of this influence, at Crous Expert we also want to make your footprint.


We work every day to offer our best interpretation of nature. Our products respond to the observation of nature and its best reinterpretation.


From the use of natural woods to infinitely recyclable metal alloys such as aluminum. Ergonomic shapes and proportions that evoke and draw precise elements of our nature such as rock climbers or children’s games, but also functional and ergonomic such as pylons, fences or road safety accessories.


More than 40 years of experience and purpose.


It is actually countless years of experience that are added up to all the people who make up the Crous Expert team. We have participated in the first person of the revolution and the explosion of public spaces as areas of recreation, sport or physical activity in general. We have urbanized hundreds of squares and parks. We have designed and manufactured hundreds of pieces of furniture and urban equipment…


And we continue with the same illusion of the first day. Because what moves us is leaving a better world for our children. This pushes us to continue with our eyes in front, with the ambition to contribute all our talent to build a better world, with its squares, with its streets and with its people happy to live in them.

Crous Expert Antoni Gaudí
Crous Expert Gronxador
Gorila hiperrealista Crous Expert



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