Meeting Point Crous Expert

An ideal and customizable meeting point

The Youth Space is the urban element designed for the youngest and is part of our complete range of products for the equipment of streets and public areas.

It provides an innovative and sustainable meeting point with speakers, USB charging points and automatic lighting. All this comes from solar energy, since it contains solar panels on its roof for energy capture.

In addition, one of its strengths is that it can be customizable, being able to put on your plate a shield, a text or the design that the client wants.



Young Space installed in Muro de Alcoy, Alicante.

Meeting Point Crous Expert

Personalized plaque with the coat of arms of the Town Hall of the town.

Meeting Point Crous Expert

Young Space in Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid.

Espacio Joven
Meeting Point Crous Expert

USB inputs and spaces to leave the devices charging.

Meeting Point